About Us

Our magazine is all about designing beautiful places and turning regular rooms into masterpieces. We collect different pictures, ideas and projects, combine them together to create amazing looks and share those with you.

Why We Are Passionate About Design

We love beauty. In fact, the science tells us that as human beings we have that special sense of beauty when we crave aesthetic things. This is why remodeling our houses, changing their appearance and improving the quality of life are our main goals.

We decided that it would be really nice to incorporate our sense of beauty and style and show other people how things work for us. When people send us e-mails with pictures of how they changed their houses and apartments, we take pride in those.

Knowing that we can help others is really important for us. But it’s also an interesting niche where you get some changes and novelties from time to time. Designing also has many different rules you have to remember to know how to combine things for better looks.

Also, the design is all about different cultures or sometimes mixing them. We try to show how people from different countries deal with remodeling and try to find various patterns between those cultures. It’s also really interesting to take a brief history trip from time to time, where you can compare some modern designs and styles and older ones. That tells you something about the quality of life, habits and economic growth.

How We Can Help You Design Your Dream House

We know that many people want to live a little bit better and take more pride in their homes. Home improvement isn’t just about living comfortably, it’s a great deal about look too. If you have amazing insulation or good windows, you still might find it really annoying to see mismatching colors in your living room.

This is why we are here, to teach you more about design and build up a strong feeling of style in you. It’s proven that people who encounter great looks on a regular basis build up that feeling for something beautiful too. So you can check out our galleries and posts to find something deeper.

If you’re passionate about some specific style, we can find more projects for you. If you like to do things yourself, you can find great guides for designing your own place. We believe that it comes naturally for some people, but you still have to know the rules. We are always willing to tell you more and educate you on the matter. We hope that we can create a better place, which would be more comfortable and so much more beautiful together.