Choosing a Style for Designing a Small Bathroom

Small places don’t give you much space to experiment with furniture and décor. This why whey if you have tiny washing room, you have to go through many bathroom design photo galleries before you choose how you want your room to look like.

The Most Common Bathroom Design Styles

There are plenty of various styles, but if you go to random American houses, you’ll notice the same patterns here and there. It’s a rarity when a person creates a solo-styled bathroom, without mixing ideas for other styles. But if you take a closer look at small bathroom remodeling pictures, you’ll notice that you can clearly define some common styles.

  • A marine styled room.
    This is probably the most typical one. Beach, sand, water blue tints, etc. Some people even go with navy and some sailor things that create an interesting twist to the atmosphere. But while this style is so typical and widely used, it’s still quite lovely and popular.
  • Country bathroom.
    This one, if you check out bathroom decorating ideas for small bathrooms styled in country, is really rustic. There you get those warm colors, plenty of wood, old freestanding tubs (other types look really bad here). It’s funny how you really have to spend a lot when trying to make your bathroom look rustic and simple.
  • French country.
    Even though it’s called country, it would be the last thing you think of. French country is usually greenish or light blue and it might look a bit vain. The con of this style is that it would really look odd if you don’t apply similar style anywhere else in the house.
  • Cool and modern bathroom.

If you are going with fresh looks, a modern bathroom ideas photo gallery is what you really need. Actually, you might even spend less, as stainless steel items are not as expensive as some country looks. A room like that wouldn’t look odd with metal or black and white tiles and furniture, nor would a room like that look odd in the basement. See these guys for basement remodeling in the st louis area.

  • Mediterranean rooms.
    This one is actually more popular in Europe, but you probably meet pieces of Mediterranean style in public washing room. Those bathrooms are usually made in warm color gammas, they are spacious and can boast luxurious tubs. You can meet more of Mediterranean designs in warmer states, but the elements of it are truly everywhere. Picking different materials needed to remodel?

It really depends on your own preferences and your budget, but you have to consider each option. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to be remodeling your bathroom often, so you have to stick to one permanent look. Try to find various small bathroom photos and check your floor and plumbing plans to decide whether an option you want is even possible.

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